Introducing the Datalogic HandScanner

Posted by Electro-Matic on Dec 7, 2020 10:44:05 AM


Streamline workers’ daily operations with the new non-intrusive hands-free scanner! This NEW HandScanner allows workers to be faster, more efficient and improve the quality of their work.

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Manufacturing uses:

  • Parts and assembly
  • traceability
  • sequencing stations
  • inventory management
  • replenishment
  • sorting
  • finished goods verification

Scan freely with the back of the hand with the smallest and lightest wearable scanner

PLA-HANDSCANNER-WAREHOUSE5Users can easily pick up, carry, and interact with objects with the wearable HandScanner, avoiding the need to repeatedly put down and pick up the scanner, improving productivity. This leads to better scanning accuracy and a drastic error reduction.

With its outstanding performance capabilities the HandScanner is able to scan 1D/2D bar codes whether they are horizontal, vertical or flipped, scanning from a wide range of angles instead of pointing at bar codes head on.

The HandScanner is available in two versions: Standard and Mid-range, and able to cover scan ranges from 10 to 150 cm satisfying many verticals in different industries.

Combining the HandScanner with Datalogic’s mobile computers can provide workers with a full data collection solution suitable for any kind of application. 

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