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Posted by Electro-Matic on Feb 11, 2021 12:05:06 PM


Tips for industrial control panel design and engineering

Tips for industrial control panel design and engineering

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When it comes to digitalization, automation and standards in control panel engineering, staying up to date requires a lot of time, money and personnel. Check out the tips that experts have put together to help with control panel design and engineering. These tips include the following:

  • Door Locking Requirements according to US Standards and additional tips.
  • Class 2 Power Supplies: Select the right power supply to save effort and costs.
  • Motor Starter Assembly: See how to quickly and faultlessly assemble and expand motor starters with the SIEMENS SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system without complex wiring, and with less screws or special tools.
  • Control Panel Modeling in 3D: Optimize the work steps and avoid the waste of excess cable.
  • CAx Data for Control Panel Engineering: Download documents faster and more efficient
    TIA Selection Tool for faster, easier configuration and selection.
  • Modular engineering: More efficient control panel design by using pre-assembled device combinations, and combined.
  • IEC Short Circuit in accordance with IEC 61439-1.
  • IEC Short Circuit Calculator Tool: Reduce the time it takes for network calculations.
  • Determining the SCCR (Short-circuit current rating) of an industrial control panel for UL

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