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Basic Industrial Controls Always In Stock

Posted by Emily Koly on Oct 25, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Just like an Ice Cream Stand should never run out of chocolate and vanilla, your industrial controls partner should have basic industrial controls ready when you need them.

The Common Components of Basic Industrial Controls

Every piece of modern industrial equipment has some form of pilot device, power supply and network component on it. These devices allow operators to control the equipment, and the equipment to "communicate" with the operator. Because they are so commonly used, the number of devices present in even a small manufacturing facility is large, and being such an important part in the production environment, when these items fail, replacing them quickly is a high priority. 

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The Standard Sizes of Industrial Controls

RED_raised_pushbutton-01.pngPilot devices (pushbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights) are generally available in 2 sizes. Referring to the diameter of the hole through which they are mounted, pilot devices are offered in 22mm and 30mm sizes. As of late, the 22mm size has become the more commonly used size, but there are plenty of 30mm devices being purchased. Having two commonly used sizes is advantageous to you when the need to replace quickly is priority.And while there are many manufacturers of these devices, all products are similar in that they will all fit in a 22mm or 30mm hole. While there are no industrial standards governing the physical dimension of these devices (other than the hole diameter) all products are close in form and size. Unfortunately, the component parts of the individual manufacturer's products are not interchangeable between manufacturers.The next item in this family of products cooperates with these devices to provide protection for the operator. 

Safety At Your Fingertips

Selector_switch_illu-01.pngElectric motors are much more efficient at higher voltages; unfortunately, higher voltages are more dangerous. Even the electric motors in your home (garage door opener, furnace, ceiling fan) all operate at voltages that can be harmful. If the 120 volts in our homes can cause problems, think of the increased danger of industrial applications that operate at 230 and 460 volts!To eliminate the danger, industrial controls are configured so operators interact with high voltage components that are controlled with low voltage devices. So, pushbuttons and selector switches powered with 24 volts can control the dangerous higher voltages through isolating devices like contactors, relays and motor starters. This 24 volts is produced by power supplies that convert higher voltages to lower voltagesPilot devices and power supplies don't have much to "say." The next item in this family of products gives them a "voice."

Communication Is Key

Green_Pilot_light-01.pngYou rely on your equipment, so knowing the status of each machine on your floor is vital. To provide the visibility of each of these assets, network communications devices are used throughout the industry. Usually Ethernet based, these network interfaces are referred to as switches. These switches provide a way for the devices that control machines to share information across the entire company.  

Readily Available, High Quality and Cost Effective

Like chocolate and vanilla, pilot devices, power supplies and network devices may be boring and taken for granted. While boring, these items are workhorses of industrial controls. Look for a partner that offers high quality, cost effective, readily available products and never runs out of chocolate and vanilla.To learn more contact Electro-Matic Products at 248-478-1182 or send us a message today.

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